Mateo's gourmet hatch chile salsa medium

Mateo’s Gourmet Hatch Chile Salsa, Medium

Greetings! Today I have another offering from Mateo’s. I’m hoping that this salsa is not as tangy as the last one from Mateo’s, which you can read about here. This one has the famous Hatch green chiles, so I really hope it’s a good one. I do see it on Amazon, so here’s a link …

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pace chunky medium

Pace Chunky Salsa, Medium

Hi! I’m back with another offering from Pace. I’m hoping it’s as good as the other one I tested, which you can check out here! An interesting fact is that Campbell’s Soup owns Pace. The restaurant style was much better than I was anticipating, so I am hopeful that this salsa will make my mouth …

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Julio's Home Style Hot Salsa

Julio’s Home Style Hot Salsa

Hello! Today we have… Julio’s! The jar is rather small and cute (11.5 oz), I am hoping the salsa within is outstanding. I suppose if it isn’t that good there will be much less to throw out. 🙂 One thing I noticed during my initial inspection, is that MSG is an ingredient here. Not sure …

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Gilly Loco Salsa, toasty

Gilly Loco Traditional, Toasty

Here we are with another offering from Gilly Loco! It’s still a New Mexican company it still has a fun label, hopefully the salsa within the jar is fun as well. It looks nice anyways! This salsa is rated “toasty” and if it’s anything like the other Gilly Loco salsa I tried it will be …

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Manuel's Son Of A Gun, hot

Manuel’s Son Of A Gun Salsa, Hot

Hello! This go round I have another salsa from Texas. It is also another salsa that I have never tried before, so it should be interesting for all of us! It is supposed to be hot, so I am curious to see if it lives up to the rating. The only link for you this …

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Garcias kitchen medium

Garcia’s Kitchen Salsa, Medium Hot

Yeehaa!!! This salsa from Garcia’s Kitchen is going to be fun! Well, at least looking at the label it looks like it is going to be fun. The bottle looks quite festive and I’m optimistic that the salsa within will live up to the label’s implications. Garcia’s is another salsa company that has a restaurant …

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Leals hot

Leal’s Salsa Autentica, Hot

Hello all! Here I have a bottle I have been holding out on for a while. I have, perhaps unfairly, associated Leal’s with big box stores. I used to work at one, and we carried Leal’s, so I have a preconceived notion that their salsa will be bad. After trying Pace salsa for the first …

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Arriba fire roasted salsa medium

Arriba! Fire Roasted Mexican Green Salsa, Medium

Hola! Were about to go tangy, I think. I’ll be honest, I am not looking forward to trying this one. It has tomatillos, and I am not a fan of sour stuff. It does look kind of interesting though, because it has roasted green tomatoes, and I don’t think I have ever had those. Hopefully …

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pace restaurant medium

Pace, Restaurant Style Original Recipe, Medium

Pace! I think everyone’s probably heard of Pace. I still remember those commercials on TV back in the day. Get a rope! I will be honest, I have never liked Pace. I have not had it in about 20 years or so, but I still remember the overly tomato taste of it, like tomato paste …

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HOG Salsa, Hot

HOG Salsa, Hot

Hi everyone! I have a new salsa to try from a reader, and let me tell you, it is interesting! It is a local, to me, salsa from an optimist club, whatever that is… They do donate all their profits to the children and youth, so that’s cool. I do not see it on Amazon, …

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