2 Sisters' Salsa Company, Jalapeno

2 Sisters’ Salsa Company, Jalapeno

Hello all! This is the first truly odd shaped jar of salsa that I can remember buying. It is also interesting to me because it isn’t from New Mexico or Texas! This one hails from Louisiana, and I can honestly say I’ve never had any salsa from there. I am excited to try some salsa from somewhere new, I just hope it is good! I do have an Amazon affiliate link for ya, but once again it looks rather pricey there. You might have better luck going straight to the company. Link to them all the way at the bottom.

2 Sisters’ Salsa Company, Jalapeno

Bottle Design and Label

What an interesting bottle. The lid is round, and the mouth looks nice and wide. Other than that this salsa has a unique shape. It is a box! It still has the prerequisite 16oz of salsa, but they have crammed it into a box shaped jar. Very clever, as I’m assuming it would be very easy to stock nice and straight. Also, it really stands out among all the normal round jars. It definitely won’t roll away from you!

The lid is a goldish color. It says premium around the edge in cursive. It looks pretty classy, I think. On the top is an outline of Louisiana and the branding. There is a splash of maroon which makes the lid pop. Metaphorically that is. I just noticed that it matches the branding on the label, so that’s nice.

On the front label there is a wood panel background around the edges. Farm fresh can be read inside a maroon star at the top. On the other side of the top is a green banner proclaiming Jalapeno. In the middle is the 2 Sisters’ logo, with a burning jalapeno underneath. Not sure if they’re saying hot jalapenos or roasted jalapenos, either way, I’m down! At the bottom we can see both gluten free and sugar free.

In the background there is a drawing of a farm complete with a silo. The fields look freshly tilled, so they should be growing some new stuff very soon! In the bottom left is two girls working on a tomato vine. One is watering and one is holding a cake! It’s probably not a cake, it’s probably a basket full of tomatoes, but it does look like a cake… 🙂 I’m assuming they symbolize the two sisters this salsa was named after.

On the back of the box is another label. It contains the nutrition facts, ingredients, and contact information. It has a design that looks somewhat like oil stains. The pattern is mirrored on the front label in the wood border area. Not sure what it is supposed to be, but it reminds me of digital camouflage. Enough looking let’s get to the salsa already!

Smells and Visuals

2 Sisters' Salsa Company, Jalapeno on a spoon

One thing I noticed, is that with a square shaped bottle and a label on only half the sides, there is plenty of window to peer in at the contents. I spy the nice brownish red of tomatoes. Some seeds are visible, as well as some nice bits of jalapeno. Onion pieces are visible, as well as little rolls of tomato skin. There are some squarish white things that I am not entirely sure of. I think they may be seeds that got cut along the way. That, or bits of garlic, maybe both. There are some small white flecks that I am sure are garlic.

Cracking the seal I am greeted with the nice aroma of tomatoes. I am positive I caught a whiff of garlic, but I could not find it after the first smell. There is an intriguing smell somewhere in the background. It kind of smells of roasted tomatoes and perhaps jalapenos. I can’t quite get my nose wrapped around it, but it does smell very nice.

Taste Texture and Heat

The texture is pretty soft. It looks like it’s chunky, but it has been well cooked. I am not finding any real texture other than the seeds and skins. The pieces are rather small too, so they wouldn’t be adding much texture anyways.

The tomatoes are easily tasted. They taste like cherry tomatoes to me. This salsa has a sweet tint to it, which reminds me of those. Good thing they didn’t add sugar! The salt level is about right. I think I can taste the vinegar, but it’s not unpleasant. It offers just a slight bit of tang. The garlic is playing here, but it is playing nicely. It is not overdone and is just lending a hand with the flavor.

There is no heat rating on the jar, so I’m just going to classify it where I feel like it should be. I’m getting a slight bit of forehead and eye sweat. Oddly enough, my mouth is the most aware of the heat. My lips and tongue have taken the brunt of the attack. My face says mild, and my mouth says medium, so I’d place it, overall, in the upper mild or lower medium range.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

2 Sisters' Salsa Company, Jalapeno nutrition facts
2 Sisters' Salsa Company, Jalapeno ingredients


This salsa has an odd jar, and a different flavor profile to match. If you like cherry tomatoes and are curious to see how they taste in salsa this would be a good choice. I’m not even sure if there are cherry tomatoes in here, but it sure tastes like it to me. So, it’s a little bit sweet, a touch salty, a bit tangy, and slightly hot. That about sums up the main points. I don’t think it would be a good ingredient due to the texture, but it should be a great dip. I bet it would work well on my beans too though…

Edit! I have now had this salsa as a dip. It is not very hot in this capacity, maybe even mild. I can say that the sweet tomatoes still stand out the most. It is an odd flavor to me, but not unpleasant.

2 Sisters Salsa Company, Jalapeno.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link. 2 Sisters Salsa Company.

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    1. Yes, not too hot and a bit sweet. Perfect for unsuspecting guests!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, see you in the next review! cass

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