505 green chile salsa

505 Southwestern, Green Chile Salsa, Medium

Hello, all! I’m back with another salsa from 505 Southwestern. This one says “salsa” right up front, so I’m expecting a more enjoyable dipping experience. The last one had honey and chipotle, and I was not terribly impressed with it on its own. It did end up working much better as an ingredient, but that’s another story. One which you can read here! I do have an Amazon affiliate link to share with you, but I don’t think the price is right. It is about twice what I pay at the store locally, but here’s the link for ya!

505 Southwestern, Green Chile Salsa, Medium.

Bottle Design and Label

505’s bottles are always a bit different from the norm. This jar is no exception. It is tall and skinny. It is about like a tall canned soda in dimensions. Luckily the opening is bigger than a soda’s! The lid is black, and has the 505 logo around the edge. On the top it tells us that the salsa is 100% made in New Mexico. I’m curious to know if all the ingredients are 100% from NM as well? I’d guess they weren’t, but it would be cool if they were. The opening is almost as wide as the jar, but it is still too small for my liking. I do like eating straight from the jar though, so…

The label is a fairly simple design. There’s only three main colors present, black, white, and yellow. Along the top it says Hatch Valley, I suppose so you know where the green chiles came from. Under this is the branding. The 0 in 505 is still the Zia sun symbol. The background is yellow here, so the 505 kind of stands out well. Under this it says medium, green chile salsa, and made in NM. Just to the right of the branding we can see three little check boxes, NON GMO, gluten free, and vegan. Still curious to find a non vegan salsa…

Over on the left side is a little paragraph about where the chiles came from and why they are so good. Under this is a small picture of a cave, Carlsbad if I had to guess. It says journey within and NM true. Not sure how a cavern is supposed to sell salsa, but it is a neat place to visit! If you happen to go to see the bats leave, be sure to come back in the morning and watch them return. It was super memorable when I did it.

On the right end of the label is a NON GMO verified stamp, nutrition facts, ingredients list and contact information. Pretty straight forward there. It does also say to refrigerate and use within three weeks. It won’t be around for that long if it’s any good!

Smells and Visuals

505 Southwestern green chile salsa on a spoon

Looking thru the glass I see the nice brownish red of tomatoes. There are some seeds floating here and there. I can see bits of green chile and some tiny white speck. Must be garlic! I do see one little dark green thing that looks like a stem, I’ll have to watch out for that!

Popping the top I am reminded of Sadie’s. I can smell tomatoes, they kind of smell like tomato paste though. I can smell the garlic too, but that’s about it. There is a spicy tone, but it’s very faint, and I can’t quite figure out what it is.

Taste Texture and Heat

The first thing biting in that I notice is the texture. It is a bit different than I’m used to. I think everything was cooked down pretty far. It is kind of mushy, almost like tomato paste was mixed in. The seeds do have a bit of crunch, but they are pretty spread out. It is thick and not watery at all, though. I did find some bits of stem, so keep an eye out for those. There are also bits of green chile skin here and there. They like to stick to your teeth and make you look funny!

The taste is pretty good though. I can taste the tomatoes, but they are pretty mild. I see they added lime juice, but it is mellow enough that it’s just a hint, thankfully. The salt and garlic are blended in perfectly well. I’m pretty sure I can taste the green chiles, but my mouth is heating up and it’s getting hard to pick flavors out!

The heat is just right, I think. I would say medium to upper medium. My lips are all tingly, and my mouth is as well. I’m getting a bit of cheek and forehead sweat, with just a touch on my scalp too.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

505 green chile salsa nutrition facts
505 green chile salsa ingredients


All in all, I would say this salsa is pretty good. I enjoy the flavors and the temperature. I do not so much enjoy the texture, it seems just a touch overcooked to me. I think it would be pretty good as a dip, where the chip can carry the texture. Just be sure to pour it into a bowl to serve! Perhaps it would work well on top of food, like tacos, where it would only be adding flavor and not texture. I’m not sure how well it would work as an ingredient though. Like I said it seems pretty well cooked already. Of course, I will cook some eggs with it and let you know. 🙂

I am thinking that there is a similarity here with Pace. I have not had Pace in years, but the texture and maybe the tomato flavor seem to remind me of Pace. I didn’t notice the flavor until I had this 505 salsa with a chip. In case you didn’t know, I taste test each salsa with only a spoon. I do this to get the cleanest taste possible for each salsa.

505 Southwestern, Green Chile Salsa, Medium.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link. 505 Southwestern.

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2 thoughts on “505 Southwestern, Green Chile Salsa, Medium”

    1. Well, I have tried it on eggs! I don’t think I will be using this salsa for that anymore. For whatever reason it became very tangy when cooked. It was not unbearable, but I don’t think citrus eggs are for me.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, see you in the next review! cass

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