505 Southwestern, Honey Chipotle Green Chile

505 Southwestern, Medium, Honey Green Chile Chipotle

Here we are… I’m kind of dreading this one. I like honey, and I like green chiles and chipotle, but I’m not certain I will like them all together! It does not sound like a combination I will agree with, but I’m going to dive in for you, kind reader! The brand has been around for quite a while, although some quick research didn’t show me a start date. I remember eating some of their salsa nearly 20 years back and enjoying it though!

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505 Southwestern, Medium, Honey Green Chile Chipotle

Bottle Design and Label

The design on the bottle is eye catching, pink on top, black on bottom. I don’t really care for pink, but in this case it does give the label some nice contrast. 505 is emblazoned across the front, the 0 being the middle of the New Mexico Zia Sun symbol. (505 is the area code for the top half of New Mexico) That’s kind of cool, I think. Just to the right of the logo we see another symbol. This one is a circle with a green chile on top with the words “Hatch Valley, NM” on a banner. (The new design has plain text across the top of the jar denoting this.) The words across the bottom seem to be a big part of the design as well, they are yellow, white, and green. (The new design only has white and black lettering)

To the left of center we see “Chile Ray” telling us to use this salsa as a condiment, some quick facts,and a best by date. (“Chile Ray” has been replaced with a “poem” about the Hatch Valley and a nice little picture of a hot air balloon.) As I look, I see I’m a year past the best buy date, no worries! My safety button on top is still down, so I’m not afraid, lol. If it smells bad when I open it I will replace the bottle and try again.

Edit! As you may have noticed, I replaced the bottle! There was a black ring around the inside of the lid, and I wasn’t sure about the taste. Better safe than sorry, eh? Comparing the bottles side by side I can see a definite difference in coloration and ingredient clarity.

On the right side of the label we have the Nutrition facts, ingredients, contact info, and a Bible verse. I have been noticing Bible verses on a lot of salsa jars, and I’m not sure why. If someone knows please comment below and educate me! (The Bible verse has been replaced with a NON GMO Project stamp.)

The lid is black with white words. There are several 505s around the edge and it gives it an interesting look. I like the lid design, I think it looks rather nice!

The shape of the bottle is tall and slender. The mouth is as wide as the jar, but it is not a wide mouth. I will have difficulties eating this from the bottle I think. I will have to break the chips smaller than usual. Hopefully it’s worth the effort!

Smells and Visuals

Looking at the salsa it has a greenish brown appearance. It looks chunky. It has seeds readily visible, although if they’re from the green chile or chipotle, I couldn’t say. Both maybe? I see little black flecks of chile skin spread out within, this means they were flame roasted! I do love flame roasted chiles! (I don’t see as many flame roasted bits in the new jar, hopefully the chiles are still flame roasted! There are also orange bits spread throughout in the new bottle, I think they are red tinted green chiles. The red bits seen should be chipotle.)

Upon opening the jar my nose is assaulted by a heavenly medley! The chipotle is standing tall here, and it makes me think this will be in the upper medium to hot registries of heat. It has kind of a smokey BBQ smell. The new jar smells less pungent than the old one, I’m taking this as a good sign that I went ahead and purchased a new one!

Taste Texture and Heat

505 Southwestern, Honey Chipotle Green Chile on a spoon

This is totally a chunky salsa! There is almost no water to separate out. You will break your chip if you’re not careful! There are green chile skins in abundance, so you’ll have to be careful to not get any stuck on your teeth. 🙂 They do not appear to be flame roasted, but the green chile is meaty, and plays a big part of the texture. Other textures present are the seeds for a bit of crunch, and the bits of chipotle.

The taste is rather odd, which I was expecting. I’m thinking this is more of an ingredient than a dip. It’s not bad tasting, but the smoke off the chipotle is the biggest flavor I’m getting hit with. It almost reminds me of liquid smoke. There is a touch of sour, not nearly as stout as The Bossy Gourmet, but it is there. The green chiles are not standing out flavor wise, I can taste them, but they are quite mellow. Thankfully the honey is hiding altogether! I can detect salt, I think it is probably about the right amount.

The heat stated as medium is pretty accurate. I would say medium to upper medium. It’s in that happy heat range, not too hot and not mild. It is still making around my eyes sweat and my nose run a bit though.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

505 Southwestern, Honey Chipotle Green Chile nutrition facts
505 Southwestern, Honey Chipotle Green Chile ingredients


All in all this is an interesting salsa. I like it a whole lot more than I was expecting. I don’t think it makes a good dip, unless you love that smoky taste of chipotle. I think it would be righteous on a cheeseburger, and probably pretty good on eggs. Something to help spread out the smokey slightly sour tastes of this salsa is what it needs. “Chile Ray” did say to use as a condiment on the old bottle, maybe he was on to something? I have tested a different flavor of 505, here.

Edit! I did put some on a cheeseburger… It is much better as a condiment! I did mostly like it in this role, but the chipotle was still strong, maybe too strong. The consistency and texture worked very well as a condiment though.

505 Southwestern, Medium, Honey Green Chile Chipotle

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link, 505 Southwestern.

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