Arriba fire roasted salsa medium

Arriba! Fire Roasted Mexican Green Salsa, Medium

Hola! Were about to go tangy, I think. I’ll be honest, I am not looking forward to trying this one. It has tomatillos, and I am not a fan of sour stuff. It does look kind of interesting though, because it has roasted green tomatoes, and I don’t think I have ever had those. Hopefully the tomatillos are not too sour… I do have an Amazon link for ya! The price isn’t too bad, but you’ll have to buy a case at a time it looks like.

Arriba! Fire Roasted Mexican Green Salsa, Medium

Bottle Design and Label

The bottle is short and stout, much like the jars from Ol’ Gringo and Sadie’s of New Mexico. I like these bottles because they have the widest mouths possible. This makes it easy to eat straight from the jar, no problem. It also makes a nice wide base for the salsa to rest on, making it much harder to knock over your precious salsa!

The lid is interesting. It is black. On the top it has the brand in pink and several vegetables in red. They are all resting on top of a grey bunch of lines. It would appear that you are looking down on a grill while roasting some veggies! Around the lip is the branding again, along with several small images of vegetables and Aztec type figures. It is a rather fun lid, I think.

The label is kind of busy, much like the lid. The same theme is carried over though, so there is some continuity. There are several vegetables adorning the label, the grill top makes an appearance again, and there are a couple of Aztec drawings as well. It is rather colorful, but the main colors that stand out are yellow, black, and green.

Swing left and you will see a couple short paragraphs about the salsa. Some contact information is also present here, as well as the Texan stamp. Off on the right end of the label is the nutrition information and list of ingredients.

Smells and Visuals

Arriba fire roasted green salsa on a spoon

Looking thru the glass I see a green color looking back at me. I’m hoping it’s more green tomatoes than tomatillos… I can see some black bits that are roasted skins from the tomatoes. Many seeds of different sizes are visible, which should add to the texture nicely. I spy some little orange bits, not sure what those are, but I do see carrots on the ingredients list, which is a bit odd to find in salsa… There are small white specks that I’m assuming are garlic.

The smell is kind of low key, but it does seem to have a bit of tang. It does not smell of tomatoes too much. I do detect a slight odor of charcoal. I think the main smell is the tomatillos, but they are not strong smelling. It smells different, but kind of nice.

Taste Texture and Heat

The taste is not quite as mellow as the smell. It is a bit tangy, about like strong lemonade perhaps, and has chipotle-like smokey tones. I was going to say the salt seems a bit low, but upon thinking about it I believe it’s about right.

The texture is great for a dip. Seeds help by adding a bit of crunch here and there. They are not as plentiful as it appeared looking thru the glass. The pieces are all rather small and well blended. They have been cooked, but not too much. There is still a bit of meaty texture to the tomatoes and or tomatillos. It is a pretty fine salsa as far as texture goes, I did not find any large chunks. The consistency reminds me of Skip’s.

Heat… The bottle says medium. I say mild! Perhaps it is because I have not eaten as much as I normally do, but I am getting no sweat anywhere. My tongue has a slight bit of warmth, but it is nearly unnoticeable. The tang is stronger than the heat with this one.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Arriba fire roasted green salsa medium nutrition facts
Arriba fire roasted green salsa ingredients


I do not really like this salsa. I’m not a fan of sour things, as you may have guessed. The consistency and flavors, minus the tang, are pretty good. The heat level is a bit lacking too. I will have to use it as an ingredient, I think it will be better suited in that role, at least for me. I suppose I should try it on a chip, just to see. I may be wrong and it may work well in that capacity. I will do this and report back!

Looking at the company’s site, I am happy to see they offer a wide variety of salsa, so expect to see more reviews of them. They have bacon salsa too! I think I found a non vegan salsa, finally!

Edit! I have had it as a dip now. It is not as sour when combined with other food, but it still has some tang. I think the tomatillo stands out more when used like this. There is still not much heat to speak of.

Arriba! Fire Roasted Mexican Green Salsa, Medium

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