Bueno Hatch salsa

Bueno Hatch Salsa, Medium

Hello! This salsa is an interesting find for me. I have always associated Bueno with frozen green chiles, I didn’t know they made salsa too. I am curious to taste this salsa, hopefully it’s as good as it smells! One interesting thing I noticed was that the label says one pound, not 16 ounces. Do they classify this as a solid, or did they simply save a bit of cost by using one less character? I have a link to the company at the bottom, but no affiliate links.

Bottle Design and Label

The bottle is a normal shape with a wide mouth. The mouth looks wide enough to eat straight from the jar, my favorite! The lid is plain yellow with a white line along the bottom where the lid was formed. It fits the color scheme of the label perfectly.

The label is purple in the center and tie died on the left and right. Up top there is the Bueno “crest”. A tiny man with a sombrero standing in front of a field, with some chiles and corn on the left and right of the circle. Under this is the simple words Hatch Salsa (Medium) and that weird weight.

Over on the left end of the label is simply some tie die looking background and an inspirational quote. “Power. Value yourself and the possibilities within. Your optimism will win the day.” Who knew salsa was inspirational? I never put them together, but I suppose it works. At least if the salsa is good…

Back to the right end and there’s more tie died background. The contact information is there, as well as the nutrition information and ingredients. Also there is both a Hatch Chile and New Mexico Certified Chile stamp.

There is also some interesting marks all along the edge of the label. It almost looks like wear, similar to what you might see on whitewashed jeans. I’m pretty sure they are there on purpose, but it sure caught my eye!

Smells and Visuals

Bueno on a spoon

Looking thru the glass I see a brownish red mixed with green. I can see pieces of onion and what I’m assuming is green chile. There are seeds here and there. I also notice black flecks, somebody snuck some flamed green chiles in here. I love roasted green chiles… I also see the occasional white fleck and a bunch of red things. I am curious to see what those are. They look like chile skin from crushed and dried peppers.

I can smell tomatoes, but they are rather mellow. My nose is saying there is garlic somehow. It is way down on the list, so that’s surprising. There is a third smell present, but I can’t quite put my nose on it. I think it’s possibly the green chiles. This salsa smells good, by the way. 🙂

Taste Texture and Heat

This is a chunky salsa! There is water, but it has a bunch of fine particles (tomato puree?) so even when it separates out it still has flavor. The large pieces are on the edge of being overcooked, but they still have some meaty texture to them. Those seeds do add a nice crunch.

This flavor is pretty mild. The tomatoes are not tangy at all, but they are adding flavor still. The green chiles can be tasted, but they are also mild. They have a fresh flavor that reminds me of mint for some reason. I’m surprised that the garlic isn’t more prominent, seeing as I could smell it… At first I thought the salt level was too little, but after eating a bunch I think it might be just about right. There is a tiny bit of “soup” taste swimming around in the background, I think it’s the last ingredient, spice.

The heat is pretty mild too. I think it falls between a low medium to medium. I have a touch of forehead sweat and eye sweat. There is a slight tingle in my mouth as well. It seems to make itself more known after you stop for a bit and realize your mouth is warm and tingly.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Bueno Hatch Salsa nutrition facts
Bueno Hatch salsa ingredients


All in all this salsa is pretty good. It is mellow though, both on the heat side and on the flavor side. The texture is chunky and well put together. If they had cooked it any longer it would have been a mushy mess, but they didn’t, so it isn’t! I think this salsa would be very good on my eggs, just don’t expect the flavor to blow your hair back. 🙂 It is similar to this El Pinto salsa, but a bit milder. Click to read!

Edit! I have now used this salsa on eggs. The flavor addition was nice, I think it is more pronounced when heated. The flavor that I noticed the most was that soup taste, but it was rather enjoyable.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link. Bueno Foods.

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4 thoughts on “Bueno Hatch Salsa, Medium”

  1. This one sounds a bit mild for our house. I’m not certain I want a salsa that tastes like soup but perhaps it would be good to cook with.

    1. It was a pretty good salsa, flavor wise all of it has been used… It was nice for cooking too. The heat was pretty mellow though.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, see you in the next review! cass

  2. This actually sounds like a great salsa for huevos rancheros, ey? It sounds like it would be good to have around for guests that don’t care for a lot of heat.
    I really like the fact that you can detect a little garlic in it. That’s always a big plus in my book.
    Thank ya’ for another great review, Cass!

    1. Yessir! It works pretty well on eggs. The flavor perks up a bit when heated, for whatever reason. The heat is low enough you won’t scare the guests away, I would think!

      If you like garlic then you should check out this salsa. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting, see you in the next review! cass

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