Clint's Texas Salsa Hot

Clint’s Texas Salsa, Hot

This salsa was given to me by a reader to try! I have not ever had this brand, so I’m kind of excited. Below is an affiliate link to Amazon where you may read other reviews on this salsa, or purchase this salsa for yourself! Purchases may give me a small kickback at no additional cost to you.

Clint’s Texas Salsa Hot

Bottle Design and Label

The bottle shape is normal, once again there is a nice wide opening for me to reach thru with a chip and get some goodness! I am not a fan of narrow mouthed jars, I like eating my salsa straight from the jar and wide lipped jars help facilitate this.

Nothing fancy on the lid. Some simple instructions, refrigerate and a safety button.

First thing I’ve noticed here was the label. It would appear that they use the same label for all their salsas, changing only the color surrounding the star in the middle and the color and word of the salsa flavor/temperature at the bottom.This could make it easy for someone to grab the wrong bottle, so pay special attention to the bottom where it says which one you’re buying!

The label is mostly black and white.There is a colored surround of a star in the center, which we already talked about. On the left there is an orange Texas shaped bit, and some little symbol that says this salsa is award winning with five stars. It does not say where this award came from or whom awarded it, so I’m taking it with a grain of salt. On the right there is a warning in red, it says “Low Sodium Made with Natural Ingredients Gluten Free”. I suppose it wasn’t a warning so much as an attention grabber! That’s it, everything else is either black or white.

In the center you can see the brand name and a man riding a horse, chasing a little cow. I wonder what that little cow did to get chased, furthermore, I wonder if the image is of one of the founders. That would be neat if the owner of a salsa company was a lasso tossing cowboy!

Edit! Looking at Amazon I see the picture is different from the one I have. I’m assuming they have changed the picture since I got my jar…

Off to the left we get to read about the story of Clint’s salsa. My takeaways were that they started in1996, they are from Texas, and that they want to bring us fresh salsa. I don’t have a problem with any of that, so let’s spin to the other side!

Nutrition facts and ingredients, that’s what mostly takes up the right side. There will be an image below to show you both of those, so…

Smells and Visuals

Here we go, getting to my favorite part! Inside this jar I smell… Mainly tomatoes, but there is something sneaking around right behind them. I can not place it, but it smells hot! It smells nice. The tomatoes smell like they were canned perhaps? There is a very faint tang of tin smell which comes and goes, I’d guess from the tomato juice or paste listed on the ingredients.

The color is a red with a hint of brown. I can see seeds floating, little chunks of green, and some leafs. Leafs? There must be cilantro in here….ah, yes. Cilantro indeed! I would be worried if there wasn’t…

Taste Texture and Heat

Clint'sTexas Salsa Hot on a spoon

The texture is kind of fine, if a bit thicker than Skip’s Salsa. There are some larger chunks of tomato,nothing I’ve found huge mind you. They are the nice meaty parts of the tomato and they add nice texture to the mix. It is a bit thick to think about drinking, I would have to chew lightly.

Flavor wise, the first thing I tasted was tomato. There are other flavors swirling around. I detect something sweet, something a bit smokey, and definitely something spicy! There is a tiny bit of tang in there as well.

Overall I’d say the flavor and texture are pretty nice. I would prefer a bit more salt and a bit less sweet personally, but the mix is good how it is. I think the sweetness is stemming from the tomatoes, so it tastes rather natural I suppose.

The kick is pretty good as well. I’d say it was hot, but lower on the scale towards medium. It is hotter than Skip’s, but not by a whole lot. My face is venting as well as my scalp, but it hasn’t stopped me from getting another scoop…

Clint’s Texas Salsa is very akin to Ol’ Gringo as well. The heat and flavor profiles are very similar, although Clint’s is a bit sweeter, and definitely more chunky.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Ooooo, serrano peppers! One of my favorites!


Clint’s Texas Salsa Hot is a nice salsa. It is a tiny bit sweet and pretty hot. It tastes of tomatoes.It could use a touch more salt. Overall I like it. I like the little chunks of tomato that I get to chew, they are meaty and don’t taste boiled and mushy. I like it enough to go grab some different flavors from them and trying them.

Since Clint’s salsa is on Amazon I get to share this link with you again!

Clint’s Texas Salsa Hot

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link, Clint’s Texas Salsa.

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  2. Hey Cass,
    Larry thought that bottle of salsa looked familiar! Another nice review. Keep trying new salsas.
    Mickey & Larry

    1. Hi guys! Yes it did! Thanks for sending it to try. More to come…

      Thanks for reading and commenting, see you on the next review! cass

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