El Pinto, Fire Roasted Green Chile Sauce, Medium

Hello! This El Pinto salsa is one of my all time favorites. I have been buying it for 15 or so years, and have enjoyed each and every bottle! I have been buying Skip’s exclusively for the last six months or so, and the label design has changed on this El Pinto salsa during that time. Hopefully that is all they have changed, because I really liked the taste how it was.

El Pinto is another salsa company that has a restaurant, much like Sadie’s. I really need to get up to Albuquerque and check out these fine dining establishments, because, if their food is as good as their salsa… To see some more reviews of this salsa, or purchase some bottles for yourself, click my Amazon affiliate link below. (I only see 6 packs…)

El Pinto, Fire Roasted Green Chile Sauce, Medium

Bottle Design and Label

The jar shape is of a normal wide mouth design. It is not as wide as either the Ol’ Gringo or Lobos salsa jars, but it is wide enough to facilitate ease of access and consumption.

The label is green with a drawing of a farm on the background. It used to have a picture in the middle, but they have since revamped the label and dropped the picture. I don’t know which design stands out more on the shelf, but I did have to slow down and read the label to insure I was getting the right thing this time. It’s definitely less cluttered now, there used to be more “stuff” on the label.

One thing that’s missing is the heat index thermometer. I like those because I can show my daughter (she’s six now!) how hot the salsa is, and she will know which one is hers when it’s in the fridge! Another thing that’s missing is the Scovie awards #1 ribbon. I’m not sure if there is a time limit where they can display such awards, or if they were just cleaning house. Now the label says “world famous”.

They have added crossed peppers between El and Pinto, I kind of like them. In fact, comparing the labels, I think I like the fresh clean look of the new one slightly more than their old design. I just noticed the label is arched in the middle above the branding, that is a nice touch.

The lids have not changed. They still say the temperature around the outside lip, and have a picture of the “salsa twins” and “El Pinto” across the top. They are colored to match the heat, green is mild, yellow is medium, and I believe red is hot.

To the left of the brand is the story of this salsa, restaurant, and ingredients. To the right is the NON GMO and New Mexico traditions stamps. Further to the right is the nutrition facts, ingredients list and contact info. It no longer says for best flavor heat and serve. I never did try it heated by itself…

A picture of the old label can be seen here for comparison.

Smells and Visuals

el pinto green chile sauce on a spoon

Looking thru the glass I can see a nice reddish brown color. I remember this salsa being more greenish, but it’s been a while! I can see the tomatoes and tomato juice. I see plenty of seeds, which all appear to be green chile seeds. There are nice big chunks of green chile floating throughout, and the little black specks I associate with flame roasted green chiles. I spy with my little eye, onion pieces too! The little white bits I’m going to assume are garlic. That means this, much like the Lobos salsa, is another salsa that I can physically see all the ingredients except for salt!

Cracking the jar open my nostrils are assaulted with the nice dreamy aroma of tomatoes, and a touch of fire. I’m going out on a limb here, and saying the fire smell is from the green chiles! I think I can smell the garlic too, but it is very faint. The more I smell it, the more I only smell tomatoes, so I’m going to quit with that, and get to tasting!

Taste Texture and Heat

This is a nice chunky salsa! There is a bit of texture to the green chiles, they have not been cooked to mush. The tomatoes are nice and meaty as well, and they are not too sweet. There is a bit of separation between the tomato juice and the chunks, but a quick shake or stir mixes it right up.

I can taste the tomatoes and green chiles right up front, it is a very nice blend. Salt is just right, it almost needs a touch more, but it is great how it is. The onions and garlic are more subtle, I can’t decide if I can taste them or not. I bet it would taste different without them included though.

The green chiles have been cleaned well, I find very few skins, and the ones I do find seem small. As I’m writing this I see a rather large skin pressed up against the glass, but he appears to be somewhat of an anomaly. The seeds do not give as much crunch as anticipated, but they are a nice addition to the texture still.

The heat is a nice toasty medium. I’d stick it at medium to upper medium. It makes my forehead sweat as well as my face. It burns my mouth pleasantly, but fades fairly quickly.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

El Pinto ingredients


This El Pinto green chile sauce is still great in my book! I don’t think they changed the ingredients when they changed the label. I’m glad, because I have really liked this salsa over the last decade or so. I can tell you that it is good on chips, obviously, but that it is the absolute bomb on eggs! I cook them sunny side up with the salsa on top, sometimes with cheese on top of that. In combination with my secret salt ingredient (I’ll have to do a quick review of that sometime…) the eggs are astonishingly tasty! I think this salsa makes a good ingredient not just because of the flavor, but because of the texture and heat too. The tomatoes and green chiles being a bit firm still is a very good quality, I think, and the spice is nice!

For a similar salsa check out this one by Bueno Foods! I think the flavor is a bit milder on the Bueno, and the heat definitely is. It is pretty good too though.

El Pinto, Fire Roasted Green Chile Sauce, Medium

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link, El Pinto.

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