Garcias kitchen medium

Garcia’s Kitchen Salsa, Medium Hot

Yeehaa!!! This salsa from Garcia’s Kitchen is going to be fun! Well, at least looking at the label it looks like it is going to be fun. The bottle looks quite festive and I’m optimistic that the salsa within will live up to the label’s implications. Garcia’s is another salsa company that has a restaurant attached. They are located in Albuquerque, so stop by and check em out if you’re ever in the area. I believe I have eaten there, and if it is the same place I think it is then their food was excellent.

I found this salsa on Amazon, but their prices look rather high to me. Down at the bottom, I do have a direct link to the company for you as well.

Garcia’s Kitchen Salsa

Bottle Design and Label

The jar design is a normal shaped wide mouth arrangement. It is not as wide a mouth as the short fat jars, but it is wide enough to easily eat from. The lid is plain red and matches the label nicely.

The label is yellow and very festive. Across the top you can see Garcia’s Kitchen in an arch. Under the branding is a little cartoon guy carrying a plate of tacos and wearing a giant sombrero with the branding emblazoned across the front. He looks quite happy and he looks to be in a hurry at the same time. Must be taking the hot food to a waiting table. I know the tacos are hot because they are trailing steam. Not too sure about the porcupine quills flying out of the tacos though…

Slightly to the left is a couple of happy peppers and a couple of other peppers. All along the top and bottom edge of the label is red, yellow, and green peppers. All the way to the left is their contact information, the New Mexico traditions stamp, and the fact that they have 7 locations to eat at!

Rolling the other way you can see two more happy peppers and one red one just hanging out. Here you can find the heat index thermometer, and this salsa is of the medium hot variety. Sounds perfect! A bit further to the right and there sits the ingredients list and nutrition facts.

Smells and Visuals

Garcias on a spoon

Peering thru the glass I can see a nice shade of red. The tomatoes they have used look quite vibrant. I also can see some seeds, tomato skins, onion bits, jalapeno pepper pieces, tiny white things and tiny black flecks. I believe the white things are garlic, and the black things tell me that something was flame roasted. There’s no green chiles in this salsa, but I’ll still take flame roasted jalapenos…

Popping the top shows me a faint tomato smell. They smell very faint. I detect a slight tang in the air, but only when I stick my nose into the jar. Pull back even a foot and I do not smell anything.

Taste Texture and Heat

Hmm, there’s a couple flavors kicking around in here. I get the tomatoes right off, they are nice and mellow, not very tangy at all. The other flavors are more elusive. I think the salt level is about right, any more and I think it would probably be too much. The more I test this salsa the less of an idea I have about it’s flavors. I think I am tasting the cumin and vinegar, but I can’t be completely sure. There is a very slight tang that I am picking up, and it’s not a tomato tang.

The texture is pretty smooth, until you get a seed and its bit of crunch. The pieces are all fairly small, and everything is a bit mushy from cooking. The jalapenos look like they are going to be crunchy, but they offer little resistance. The only other texture I found of note is in the tomato skins that you will find here and there. It should be a pretty good dip with this consistency, but probably not a great ingredient. Definitely not, at least if you were wanting to add some texture.

The heat is pretty spot on, I think. I have some scalp tingles, nose and face sweats, and mouth jingles. It fades slowly, but it’s not super hot. I think medium hot is probably the right classification here.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Garcias kitchen medium nutrition facts
Garcias kitchen medium ingredients


If you are looking for a salsa with a pretty good flavor, decent heat, but not a lot of texture, then this might be the one for you. There is a tiny bit of tang and the salt balance is just about right. I still can not pinpoint the other flavors floating around in there, other than tomato, but they are not bad by any means. The flavor profile is just a step out of the norm, and that is not a bad thing either.

Garcia’s Kitchen Salsa

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Not an affiliate link. Garcia’s Kitchen.

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