Gilly Loco Chile Verde toasty

Gilly Loco, Chile Verde, Toasty

Hello! I have another new to me salsa brand to share with you today! Gilly Loco is from New Mexico, and they say they use locally grown fresh produce that’s NON GMO. Sounds like a good start. I’ve been eyeing this salsa for a few years wanting to try it, but I’ve been saving it for a review! There are a couple flavors on Amazon, but, unfortunately, this Chile Verde is not one of them. So I have no affiliate link to share at this time. You can head straight over to their site though, just click here!

Bottle Design and Label

The bottle is a bit tall and slender, though not as much so as 505 Southwestern. It is a wide mouth jar, but since the jar is narrowish, it is more of a medium opening. It should be fairly easy to eat straight from the bottle, but any skinnier of an opening would make it difficult for me. The lid is simple black with no words or branding. There is a white line around the lip where the lid was rolled. It would be kind of cool to see the chameleon laying up top there, I think.

I love the label! It is so much fun, it is the main reason I have wanted to try this salsa for so long. Top center there is a chameleon hanging out over the “GILLY LOCO CHILI” branding. He’s festive and wearing a sombrero, but he must have had a long night because his eyes are red. Underneath his tail it says chile verde and toasty. Under this is some fresh looking vegetables and herbs. Those are exploded and faded left and right of center, giving the appearance of mountains. Along the top and bottom is a triangle pattern that is reminiscent of Old Mexico, at least to me. The chameleon and vegetables stick past the edge of the label, giving it a nice 3d look.

Left of center is another chameleon tail, curled up in the top left corner. Beside the tail is where we learn that the chiles in this salsa come from Hatch, New Mexico. Below this is a rather long list of ingredients.

Right of center is the heat index thermometer, it looks like toasty is medium heat. Then we see the NON GMO stamp, 100% natural, gluten free, and their contact information. Off to the far right is the nutrition facts.

Smells and Visuals

Looking thru the glass this salsa looks orangish red, with fairly large looking chunks of stuff mingling around. I can see the black specks that always make me happy, along with a nice bit of seeds spread out here and there. I can see chunks identifiable as tomato, green chile, and onion. I also see small white bits that I’m going to assume are garlic bits. There is one piece I spy that looks suspiciously like celery, I hope not. I’m not a fan of celery…

Let’s open it up! Hmm, I first notice tomatoes, they are light and watery smelling. There is a touch of charcoal smell. There are some other smells wafting around in there, but they are faint and hard to catch. The overall smell kind of reminds me a can of soup for some reason. Maybe I’m smelling all the different stock they used?

Taste Texture and Heat

gilly loco chile verde on a spoon

It definitely has a good kick! First thing I noticed was the heat, a real kick in the mouth! It is definitely a chunky salsa, but it kind of blends more smooth. It seems everything was cooked down, and is not crisp anymore. It’s not mush, but it’s not exactly firm either. The tomatoes are still somewhat firm, but definitely cooked. The seeds are a nice touch, there are just enough to give some contrasting textures to your mouth. I do notice some little grainy bits, I think they are seed that got grounded up, not so much garlic.

I’m trying to pick out individual flavors, but it is hard. It’s like the salsa was cooked all together, and the flavors jumped off of their ships and formed one new flavor. The salt stands out somewhat, but it’s just right I think. The tomato chunks still have a slight tomato flavor, and the green chiles taste fresh and sweet. Everything else is well blended. I can not taste the garlic, and surprisingly the lemon and lime juices are absent as well. I thought for sure this was going to be a sour salsa once I saw those on the ingredients. There is the faintest of tangs in there, but I really have to concentrate to notice them.

I would say the heat is definitely medium. Way in the upper reaches of medium! You could probably get away with classifying this as hot, even. My whole head is venting, my sinuses have loosened right up, and I think my mouth might be mad at me. The heat seems to linger quite a bit longer than other salsas I have tried, I wonder if that has anything to do with the olive oil they added?

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Gilly Loco Chile Verde toasty nutrition facts
Gilly Loco Chile Verde toasty ingredients
That’s a ton of ingredients, but they seem to work well together!


I do like this salsa! It is pretty tasty and the heat rolls off it nicely. The mix is good, even if most of the big ingredients have apparently shed their flavors. It kind of reminded me of soup when I was smelling it, and it followed suit when I started trying to pick out the individual ingredient’s flavors. It is blended, flavor wise. I think the heat might be the biggest reason why the flavors are hard to pick out, now that I think about it. It comes on hard and fast and lets you know the score! I am happy that the large list of ingredients plays well with each other, I was kind of worried when I noticed the length of them. I am also happy that this salsa is not sour, lemon juice is on there twice and lime juice once.

Good stuff! I think I am afraid to try their hot and hottest salsas now though…

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link, Gilly Loco Chile.

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