Gilly Loco Salsa, toasty

Gilly Loco Traditional, Toasty

Here we are with another offering from Gilly Loco! It’s still a New Mexican company it still has a fun label, hopefully the salsa within the jar is fun as well. It looks nice anyways! This salsa is rated “toasty” and if it’s anything like the other Gilly Loco salsa I tried it will be pretty spicy. The ingredient list is much shorter, although there are still a couple of weird entries. We’ll just have to dive in and see what it adds up to!

Gilly Loco Traditional, Toasty

Bottle Design and Label

The bottle design is just like their other salsa I tried, normal shaped wide mouth. It is a smaller mouth than the shorter jars I’ve seen, but it is as large as the design permits. It will be fairly easy to consume straight from the can, although it would be nicer to have the short fat design. The lid is plain black with no markings upon it other than the white ring where the edge was rolled. I still think Gilly should make an appearance on the lid, but he hasn’t yet.

The label is still not straight edged, which I think is a nice design. Gilly’s hat pokes out the top, and the vegetables along the bottom add their shape to the bottom edge. The layout is pretty much just like the Chile Verde, except for the words salsa and traditional. There are different ingredients laying at the bottom of this one though. There are tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, red peppers, garlic, and cilantro or some other leafy things. That’s pretty cool, it is pretty much the ingredients all laid out in picture form. Hmm, must be oregano instead of cilantro if that’s the case…

The vegetables laid out along the bottom are also lent to the background. They are blown up larger and faded out, but they are definitely the same vegetables.

Over on the left end there is the ingredients list and a short quote from Gilly. Roll the bottle to the right end and you will find the nutrition facts. The heat index thermometer is over here too, as is their contact information, the non GMO stamp, and the statement of 100% natural gluten free.

Smells and Visuals

Gilly Loco Salsa, toasty on a spoon
Look at that chunk!

Looking thru the glass I see a nice shade of tomato! The coloring is a nice brown tinted red. I can see many seeds. There are little red and green pieces that appear to be pepper skins, and little green bits that look like leafy stuff. Those must be the oregano pieces. I spy several bits of white, which I am assuming are garlic. A great big piece of pepper is squeezed up against the glass, well, big in comparison to the other bits I see here and there. There is a nice piece of onion floating there as well.

Popping the top I am immediately greeted by the scent of garlic. I did notice some crusty stuff along the threads though. The jar must have been jostled or overfilled at the factory. The seal was good, tight, and clean though, so I am going to continue on! Sticking my nose closer to the opening I can smell less garlic and more tomato. I also smell something cool. Perhaps the oregano? Giving it a stir reveals more of the same, something cool, almost minty. I wonder if there are any salsas out there with mint added… A quick Google search uncovers the fact that, yes, there is! Seems like a bad mix to me, perhaps one day I can try some and see…

Taste Texture and Heat

Diving right in, the first thing I noticed was the oregano. It is an odd flavor for me to find in a salsa, but I think it’s perhaps a nice addition. The tomatoes seem to be very mellow, just seeming to add a hint of flavor. The salt seems to be pretty well balanced, but perhaps a touch on the high side. It is very good by itself, but I can see it being too much on a salty chip. There is a hint of sour floating around in there, I think it’s from the tomatoes.

The texture is pretty good. Chunks of pepper are soft, yet still retain some crunch. There are chunks of tomato that share the same characteristics as the peppers, soft yet still meaty. Tomato paste is one of the ingredients, but the salsa is not all gritty. Seeds compliment the mix by adding a nice bit of crunch here and there as well. The mix is not watery and does not seem to be separating out, even though the first ingredient on the list is water. I think the tomato paste is the glue holding it all together here.

The heat is a solid medium. It comes on pretty quick, but is not unbearable. I have a bit of cheek sweat and my head feels warm. My sinuses have loosened a bit. Most of the sensations are inside my mouth though. My tongue and lips have a nice glow radiating, but it’s still not unbearable.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Gilly Loco Salsa, toasty nutrition facts
Gilly Loco Salsa, toasty ingredients


I like this salsa! It has an interesting flavor profile, I think mainly due to the oregano. The heat level is pretty nice without being over done. The texture is nice and smooth, even thought they have used tomato paste. That tin can flavor is not detectable either, now that I think about it. Perhaps they make their own tomato paste… The large bits used still have some give left, everything was not cooked to mush, and the seeds add a nice snap. I might have to add this salsa to my list of favorites. It will probably be a contender in my salsa showdown. Hmm, now I have to do a salsa showdown…

Gilly Loco Traditional, Toasty

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

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