HOG Salsa, Hot

HOG Salsa, Hot

Hi everyone! I have a new salsa to try from a reader, and let me tell you, it is interesting! It is a local, to me, salsa from an optimist club, whatever that is… They do donate all their profits to the children and youth, so that’s cool. I do not see it on Amazon, but I do have a link to the HOG website down at the bottom. It looks like they need to do some site maintenance at this time, however; hopefully the company is still alive and kicking!

Bottle Design and Label

The jar is of a normal shape, wide mouth. It should be quite easy to eat straight from the jar. Nothing fancy, like the 2 Sisters’ I reviewed here. The lid is plain red, with a white edge where the lid was curled.

The label is interesting. It follows the contour of the branding along the top and bottom, it is not a simple rectangle. According to their website the image in the middle of the label of a motorcycle was designed by the Ruidoso High School art students. They had a contest and this design won. It is of a motorcycle with a red chile gas tank. As an aside, we have two motorcycle rallies each year here, so the theme fits. Along the top in an arch is the branding. Along the bottom on a banner it says to kickstart your meal.

The background appears to be a tortilla chip perhaps. It could also be a sandy beach. I suppose it could also be stucco on a wall. Whatever it is, it adds an interesting grainy appearance to the label, and seems to make the drawing stand out nicely.

Out on the left end is their contact information and the blurb about giving their profits to youth activities and scholarships. On the right end is simply the nutrition facts and ingredients. It is a simple label, but looks nice. Oh, there is a red and green band all the way around the label too.

Smells and Visuals

HOG Salsa on a spoon

Peering thru the glass I am greeted by a different color. It is slightly red, slightly brown, and slightly gray or white. Almost as if flour has been added, but it hasn’t. Corn starch has though, could that be the color I’m seeing? I spy a lot of little black flakes, and looking at the ingredients I notice the tomatoes have been roasted, as well as the green chiles and jalapenos. It also has chipotle peppers too, sounds delicious!

I see a few orange bits, tomato skin I’m assuming. There is one lonely seed that I can see. There are some greenish bits floating around, as well as some whitish parts, onions. Pretty sure I see some little flakes of garlic in there too.

Cracking to top allows me to smell… Tomatoes, mainly. It kind of reminds me of a marinara sauce. This has a very light aroma. In fact, the more I smell it, the less I can smell it. When I leave it for a moment and come back, I am still greeted by a light tomato smell. Let’s get on with it then!

Taste Texture and Heat

I can taste tomatoes, they are not terribly tangy. The peppers and chiles are also making an appearance, slightly. I can not put my finger on the other flavor coming thru, but I’m guessing it’s the starch. The salt is pretty much spot on, if not a touch high. Thankfully I can not taste the lime juice except maybe a touch on the aftertaste. It is a pleasant bunch of flavors though.

The texture is a bit odd. The tomatoes and peppers are small, but cooked just right. They still offer a bit of meaty texture. I think the odd thing about this salsa is the corn starch. I think it is making this salsa almost a paste. There is no water separation, it is all bound together. It is almost like eating a very smooth spicy tomato paste with chunks in it. I have never had a salsa with this texture, it is definitely throwing my mouth for a loop.

Heat? Yes it does! It is not insanely hot or unbearable, but it does have a good kick. My forehead and cheeks are slightly flowing and my mouth has a nice glow. I can feel my nose loosening a bit too. I think I would set it in the lower hot to upper medium class. It does not say the temp anywhere on the label, but the website says the red top is hot, so there ya go!

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

HOG Salsa nutrition facts
HOG Salsa ingredients
Still learning the new camera…


All in all, I think I like this salsa. The meaty crunch of the tomatoes and peppers, as well as the great flavor pouring off it make it pretty wonderful. The tomatoes are mild, and the peppers are nicely representing themselves. I am not too sure about the pasty texture though. Perhaps on a chip it will come together more for me, I’ll have to give it a try. It sounds like they are supporting a good cause too, so try to get a bottle or two for yourself and help some kids out! 🙂

I think this salsa is more of a dip than an ingredient, due to it’s texture. I will have to try it in both roles and get back with ya! Suppose it might be time to learn how to cook more than eggs and beans…

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link. HOG Salsa.

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2 thoughts on “HOG Salsa, Hot”

  1. When I went back to college I got a scholarship from the Optimist Club. It came as a surprise as I hadn’t applied and I didn’t think I deserved it. But my mom assured me that I was just the type of person they liked to help, a young single working mother.

    1. Nice! They make pretty good salsa too! The guy who gave me the bottle wasn’t sure if it is still in production, but if you find some give it a go.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, see you in the next review! cass

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