Julio's Home Style Hot Salsa

Julio’s Home Style Hot Salsa

Hello! Today we have… Julio’s! The jar is rather small and cute (11.5 oz), I am hoping the salsa within is outstanding. I suppose if it isn’t that good there will be much less to throw out. 🙂 One thing I noticed during my initial inspection, is that MSG is an ingredient here. Not sure how I feel about that, I suppose I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve tried it. Here is an Amazon link for ya, and as always, there is a direct link to the company down at the end.

Julio’s Home Style Hot Salsa

Bottle Design and Label

As stated, the jar is quite small. It is almost square in dimensions, by that I mean it is almost as tall as it is wide. This is good for me because that means the mouth is as wide as possible. I will be able to easily eat the salsa straight from the jar with no clearance issues. The lid is black, with simple instructions in brushed gold. Which way is open, which way is close, safety button, things along those lines.

The label is yellow. There are red and green diamonds along the top and bottom. The branding is smack dab in the center, and it has some white sun rays poking out from under it. Underneath the branding is a small red section that has white diamonds along the top and bottom. There is where we find out what kind of salsa Julio’s is selling us. There is also a picture of some tomatoes, garlic, cilantro (perhaps), and a jalapeno pepper to the left side of the red square. It is kind of a label within a label. I just noticed that there are black sun rays coming off the vegetables, for what it’s worth.

Sliding to the left we see another small sunburst that informs us that this salsa is also good with Julio’s brand chips. The only other thing to be found on the left end of the label is their contact information. Over on the right end of the label is simply the nutrition facts and ingredients list.

There is not much “fluff” on this label, perhaps because it’s so small of a package. It is a happy label though. It makes me think of sunrises and breakfast… I guess all those sunbursts might have something to do with that, or maybe the color scheme.

Smells and Visuals

Julio's Home Style Hot Salsa on a spoon

Looking thru the glass I see a nice brownish red tint. The ingredients look pretty well chopped up, I can not see many large features within. I can see some small tomato skins, some pieces of seed, some tiny bits of pepper, and a couple black flecks. It looks quite well blended.

Cracking the seal I am greeted with the slight odor of tomatoes. They have that slight tin smell, like I expect from canned tomatoes. I can not detect any other smells.

Taste Texture and Heat

The taste is more interesting than the smell. First off I thought salt, although I don’t think it’s over salted. The next flavor I find is tangy tomatoes. They are right on the edge of sour for me. If they were any more tangy I couldn’t see myself eating this salsa. Then there is the slight kick of heat to round it off.

The texture is about how it looked from the outside looking in. It is well blended and chopped. There is not much to chew, in fact, I bet you could just about drink this salsa! It is definitely not a chunky salsa.

Heat wise, they call it a hot. I think that is tiny bit of a stretch. I would call it medium or upper medium. I have a tiny bit of forehead heat and my eyes are sweating just a tad. My mouth is taking the brunt of it, and it simply has a nice afterglow. Nothing terribly painful here.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Julio's Home Style Hot Salsa nutrition facts
Julio's Home Style Hot Salsa ingredients list


All in all this is a decent salsa. It is a bit salty, tomato flavored, and a bit tangy. If you are looking for a well blended salsa that has those characteristics, then this Julio’s could be just the ticket for ya! I think it would be pretty good on chips, and probably a good addition to refried beans. There is not a lot of texture to it, so it probably wouldn’t be that great as an ingredient. At least that’s what my brain is telling me. I think it might be a pretty good marinade type sauce though. I might just have to try that…

Julio’s Home Style Hot Salsa

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Not an affiliate link. Julio’s.

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