Kylito's Salsa Roasted medium

Kylito’s Salsa, Roasted, Medium

Hi all! This is another salsa, like Gilly Loco, that I have had my eye on for a long time. The label has always piqued my interest for some reason. Anyways, I am excited to share my thoughts with you on this one. I hope it’s good stuff! I do have an Amazon link to share as well, feel free to help support this site and buy something! 🙂

Kylito’s Salsa, Roasted, Medium

Bottle Design and Label

The jar is a normal shaped wide mouth. The lid is plain white, plain, but it matches the label very well. The mouth is wide enough to allow easy access to the goodness within, although it is not quite as wide as some other bottles I have reviewed.

The label is plain white, with an image of a firefighter standing in front of a fire. Unfortunately he seems to have forgotten his boots and is wearing sandals! The same figure, dressed differently, can be seen on all their salsas. He is like their mascot, and I do believe it is Kylito! On this jar of salsa he has a word bubble that says “¡Coma Kylito’s en Todo!”, which I suspect means something along the lines of, eat Kylito’s on everything. At the top we can see Roasted, and under the man we can see Kylito’s Salsa.

Over to the left there is the contact information for the company, as well as a nice little tribute to the military, police, and firefighters. There is also a Go Texan stamp, which I’m assuming is much like the New Mexico traditions stamp. Made in Texas, in this instance.

On the right end there is a heat index thermometer, shaped like Kylito. He is black and white above the medium line and colored yellow below. Pretty nice touch, I think. To the right of that is the nutrition facts and ingredients. They also claim the salsa is gluten free and that there is no MSG.

Below the thermometer man is a Navy SEAL trident with a name and date. “Stephen Matthew “Matt” Mills, Oct. 25, 1975 – Aug. 6, 2011”. Not sure how he is connected to the company, but it’s nice to see a tribute on here. I will have to look at other jars and see if there are different tributes. Maybe Kylito’s can fill us in with a comment? Thank you for your service and sacrifice, “Matt”.

Edit! I made contact with the company, and learned from Kylito himself about the label. “You asked about Matt Mills. He was my sister-in-law’s cousin. Navy Seal, killed in Afghanistan with 20 other soldiers. Was a tribute to him for his family. I also have several buddies who are firefighters and police officers so I wanted to give them a shout out on the label.” Well done, I say!

The plain white label gives the salsa a clean tidy look. The label looks plain, but at the same time catches my eye, so that’s a good thing, I think! It is a good balance of tidy and marketing, all at once. Enough about the label, let’s dig in!

Smells and Visuals

kylitos roasted medium on a spoon

Looking thru the glass the salsa is a shade of red with tints of orange, or maybe brown. The pieces I can see look on the smaller side, it should have a good consistency. I can see some few seeds, both tomato and pepper. I see some nice black flakes, something was flame broiled! I guess it is in the name though, roasted. There are some small tomato skins, little green things which I’m assuming are peppers, and some white flecks. I bet the white specks are garlic.

Popping the top I find… it is rather stuck! I don’t know if I got a one off jar, or if they are all screwed on by Godzilla! I do not see anything around the rim that would make it difficult to open, but it was. The smell oozing from the, now, open jar is very tomatoey. They have a sharp smelling tang. I think I can smell the roasted peppers, but they are lurking in the background far behind the tomatoes. And tomatoes take the lead…

Taste Texture and Heat

Time to dive in! First thing I notice is the tomatoes and heat, followed closely by salt. Much like the smell, tomatoes are the foremost ingredient according to my tongue. They are small pieces, but they still have some meat texture to them. The salt is spot on, any more would be too much, I think. The peppers add to the texture nicely, and obviously provide the heat, but I can not taste them as an ingredient. Tomato still rules the day here. They are not sour, but they do have a nice bite.

The texture is nice, the pieces are all smallish yet still somewhat meaty. I’m surprised looking at the ingredients list and seeing water that this salsa is not too runny. It has a good consistency to be a dip. It might be perhaps too small to be a good ingredient. I have not noticed the seeds, they are very soft and do not seem to add to the texture, at least not that I’ve seen.

The heat is spot on as well, I’d say. Medium to upper medium, according to my internal thermometer. My eyes are sweating a bit and my lips and mouth are tingly and hot. The heat seems to linger a little while too, which I kind of like.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Kylito's Salsa Roasted medium nutrition facts
Kylito's Salsa Roasted medium ingredients


If you like spicy tomatoes, and are looking for a great dip, then I think this would be a good salsa to try. They are the main flavor in this salsa, and they taste pretty good. They are a tiny bit tangy, just about perfect I think. The salt is right on, and the heat is perfectly in line with Kylito’s ranking. The consistency is good, I did not find any irregular sized pieces, as I did in the Two Hot Mamas Mambo Combo salsa. The texture is nice, the pieces are small but still retain some meaty bite. Overall this is a very nice salsa, and it makes me excited to try some of their other offerings!

Kylito’s Salsa, Roasted, Medium

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link, Kylito’s Salsa.

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3 thoughts on “Kylito’s Salsa, Roasted, Medium”

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  2. Sounds like a pretty tasty salsa indeed. But if it’s making your eyes sweat, I reckon it’ll make my whole body sweat… could be a bit warm for me but probably worth the momentary traipse through the fire just to savor the flavors you’re describing!!!

    I also absolutely love the tribute to “Matt”… what an awesome touch!!!

    Thanks Cass, stellar review and pics!


    1. Hey, Randy!

      This salsa is pretty good. I just had it on some eggs and it works pretty well. The heat is not quite as intense when eaten with something. 🙂 You’ll probably be just fine if you don’t eat it straight out of the jar, like I do…

      I have an update to the tribute, straight from Mr. Kylito himself! Check back in a couple days and I should have an edit added to the article!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, see you in the next review! cass

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