Kylito's Salsa scorching habanero

Kylito’s Salsa, Scorching Habanero, Hot

Here were are again! Back with some more Kylito’s Salsa! The Fire Roasted salsa from them was pretty tasty, so I have high hopes for this one. It has habaneros in it, so I’m thinking this salsa should be pretty spicy. Let’s see if it’s overdone! I do have an Amazon affiliate link for ya, but it looks kind of expensive to me. You might be better off going straight to Kylito’s. There’s a link for that at the bottom of this article.

Kylito’s Salsa, Scorching Habanero, Hot

Bottle Design and Label

The bottle shape is nothing abnormal, it’s a regular looking bottle with a wide mouth. The lid is plain white. It matches the label perfectly, I think. The mouth should be wide enough for straight from the bottle consumption.

The label is white. A cartoon of Kylito is in the center. This time he has a flaming hat, some fire on a serving tray, and what may be flaming pants. I think he should check the hat before he burns his hair though! Hopefully the salsa didn’t catch him on fire, because I’m about to try some… There is a young red haired lady in a bathing suit hanging on his left side. Did she set him on fire? A lot could be read into this image, I will spare you any more use of my imagination, and let you use your own! Along the bottom it has the brand name in fire colored letters.

Over on the left there is contact information, a small Texan stamp, and one of those weird little square bar codes. It also says thanks for buying Kylito’s and to eat it on everything. Not sure if it would be good on chocolate cake, just sayin!

Off to the right side we can see the heat index thermometer in the shape of Kylito. It’s orange nearly all the way to the top of his hat. Everything is pointing to a hot experience, did I get too carried away here? Additionally on this end of the label is the nutrition facts, ingredients, made in Texas, and the gluten/MSG free advisements. Have I found a non vegan salsa here?

I like the label on the Fire Roasted salsa a bit more, but this one is still a good image. I like that all their bottles are basically the same, Kylito just has different outfits. It makes it easy to spot the bottles on the shelf, and there is good continuity for the brand.

Smells and Visuals

Kylito's Salsa scorching habanero on a spoon

Peeking thru the glass I see a nice brownish red of tomatoes. I can see some seeds here and there. I also spy some little green chunks, some little white chunks, and some little white flakes. Every here and there I see some little orange pieces, I’m not entirely sure if those are habanero bits, or tomato skins. I’m hungry, let’s get to it!

The smell coming from the can is very tomatoey. In fact, that’s all I can discern with my nose. They smell somewhat tangy, like canned tomatoes. They smell good, time to taste…

Taste Texture and Heat

Yep, it’s definitely on the hot side. Let’s talk about that since it’s the first thing I’m noticing. I think the rating is right on. I have just loosened up my nose, and am sweating all over my head. The biggest hit is in the mouth though. It is rather slow to subside too, and almost has the “I have your tongue with pliers” feel. It probably needs a chip to go on and not just my spoon!

The texture is pretty thin, almost watery. It is probably perfect as a dip or topping, I would say. The seeds are more plentiful that it appeared, and they do add a nice crunch when you get one. I have not found any large chunks, the consistency is about like Skip’s.

I almost forgot to talk about the flavors… The tomatoes can be tasted, but they are not tangy at all. I don’t think so anyways. If they are, the heat is covering it right up. The salt is maybe a touch short, but once on a chip it is probably perfect. There is a hint of something floating around in the background. I think it’s the probably the habeneros I’m tasting. They do have a unique flavor.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Kylito's Salsa scorching habanero nutrition facts
Kylito's Salsa scorching habanero ingredients


If you are looking for a good tasting kick in the mouth, this salsa might be just the ticket. It has a good consistency for dipping. I think, perhaps, that it would be perfect in my refried beans, the water would mix in very well. The heat should spice up whatever you happen to put it on too.

Edit! I have now had this salsa on eggs. It worked quite well, adding a bit of spice and flavor. Also, I have had it on my beans, where it also preformed admirably. It is not as hot when you use it along with other foods, but it still has a good kick and flavor. It does not lend much texture, as expected, since the pieces are mostly rather small.

Kylito’s Salsa, Scorching Habanero, Hot

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link. Kylito’s Salsa.

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