Lobos Salsa by Sadie's of New Mexico

Lobos Salsa, by Sadie’s of New Mexico

Howdy folks! Yet another new to me salsa brand! This one is made by Sadie’s of New Mexico, which has been around for about 60 years. They should have salsa nailed by now, so I’m pretty excited to lap it up! It was made for the UNM Lobos, and a portion of the sales “benefit the University of New Mexico Lobos”. What all that entails, I don’t know, but the intention sure sounds nice!

Peeking at the internet I found out Sadie’s is also a restaurant. I will definitely have to make a trip up to Albuquerque to eat at their house, and possibly talk them into letting me see the salsa factory while I’m there!

I do not have an Amazon affiliate link to share for this specific salsa, however, there are other Sadie’s salsas for sale. Click the link to see them, or to grab a bottle or jug for yourself! They sell a 64oz jug, that ought to last at least one party!

Sadie’s of New Mexico

Bottle Design and Label

The bottle is short and wide, much like the Ol’ Gringo bottle. It also should be quite hard to tip over accidentally. The lid is plain black with no markings and the mouth is nice and wide. Wide mouth jars are nice not just for eating out of, but also for ease of accessibility to the product. I eat straight from the jar, so a wide mouth is always appreciated by me!

The label is predominately red, UNM colors I guess? The Lobos logo of the wolf head is front and center, who made the salsa is a bit to the right. There is also a bit of info just above that, made with NM green chile and gluten free. Just to the left is the heat index thermometer, stating full medium.

Off to the far left is the NM traditions stamp, Sadie’s contact information, and the collegiate stamp. Above this is the story of how this salsa came into existence and what it’s goals are.

On the other end of the label is simply the nutrition facts and the ingredients list. I must say this salsa has the shortest list of ingredients I have seen yet. I count a measly four!

Smells and Visuals

Lobos Salsa by Sadie's of New Mexico on a spoon

Looking thru the glass this salsa is reddish, with a tint of brown or orange. I can see seeds and black flecks. I do love a good flame roasted green chile… I can see the green pieces of green chile. There are some great big chunks of tomato here and there, and some little rolled up pieces of tomato skin. Some little whiteish speckles are spread throughout, I’m assuming they’re bits of garlic. How cool is that? I can literally see three of the four ingredients! I think it would be a problem if I could see the salt, lol. Here is another salsa that the ingredients are mostly visible to the naked eye!

Cracking the jar open I can smell tomatoes and garlic. It smells almost like a pasta sauce! I hope it does not taste like pasta sauce! Chips and Ragu, anyone? The smell is similar to the 505 Southwestern green chile salsa I tested here!

Taste Texture and Heat

Bite one! It, thankfully, does not taste like pasta sauce! It is very tomatoey, but in a nice way. The tomatoes taste fresh but boiled, if that makes any sense? The texture of the tomatoes is very soft and mushy, but the flavor is crisp and fresh. There is a bit of tang, I’m guessing from the tomatoes, but it is not up front. The green chiles are kind of mushy too, like they’ve been cooked.

Tomatoes are the foundation of this salsa. They have a sweet tangy flavor. The green chiles are present here and there as well, but they are not overbearing. They have a mellow, almost bitter, taste that compliments the mix quite well. Green chile skin is here almost as much as in the 505 mix I just tried. The salt is spot on, I think. I can not taste the garlic except for tiny hints after everyone else is leaving.

The texture is different. The seeds and the chile skins are the main texture standouts I got. It looks pretty chunky, but since the ingredients were cooked down you don’t really get any chunks. Kind of like how you can take a bite of jello and it just liquefies in your mouth. It is different, but kind of nice. I do not think this salsa would be a great ingredient, maybe on eggs, but not on much else. There is just not enough texture for it to stand out as an ingredient. This one was made for dipping!

The heat is spot on. My lips are all tingly, my eyes nose and scalp sweating, and my nose is running. Upper medium it is!

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Lobos Salsa by Sadie's of New Mexico nutrition facts
Lobos Salsa by Sadie's of New Mexico ingredients
With just four ingredients…


I like this salsa. It was made for dipping chips into with wild abandon! The texture is a bit odd, but the flavors are on point. If you like the sound of the combined flavors of sweet tomatoes, green chile, salt, and a hint of garlic, all held together with a stab of heat, then this one might be for you!

I find it super interesting that I can not only see 3/4 of the ingredients, but that I can taste them all individually. Too often one ingredient will hide all the others, that is not so with this salsa. I am officially excited to give other Sadie’s salsas a go after trying this one and enjoying it.

Sadie’s of New Mexico

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link, Sadie’s of New Mexico.

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