Ol Gringo New Mexico Gold

Ol’ Gringo Chile Company, New Mexico Gold

Another new salsa brand to me! They are not new however, they have been in business since 1992. Ol’ Gringo is from Las Cruces, NM, so there is a chance I will pop in to their factory and see what it’s all about! Depends on them, of course… I do have an Amazon affiliate link for you, feel free to check out some other reviews, or purchase straight from Amazon.

Ol’ Gringo New Mexico Gold Hot Salsa

Bottle Design and Label

First thing I notice is the short stubby bottle design, it should be hard to tip over accidentally! There is a nice wide mouth, so consumption directly from the jar should be a breeze. The lid is devoid of any markings, it is a simple black design. The jar and lid appears the same as the one used on the Lobo salsa, they must have the same supplier.

The label has a nice background, it is orange on either side and fades to yellow in the middle. There are some orange accents throughout, making it look somewhat interesting to look at.

The branding is nice, Ol’ Gringo across the top on a scroll, the Organ Mountains, and a pile of onions, tomatoes, and chiles. I see the New Mexico traditions stamp, and that this salsa is a hot salsa. I’ll be the judge of that… It also says Hatch Valley and all natural. I’m assuming the chiles are from Hatch? Looking at the ingredients I see no chile though. Perhaps the jalapenos are from Hatch?

To the left of the brand is the nutrition facts. To the right is the ingredients and contact information. I also spy a Bible verse. No one has informed me as to why I’m seeing these on salsa more than on other things. Perhaps as a hail Mary as you consume their salsa?

Smells and Visuals

This salsa looks thick! It is small pieces, but not watery at all. It has a reddish orange hue, with perhaps a bit of brown thrown in. I can see seeds from the jalapenos and tomatoes, tiny bits of jalapeno, some little white bits(garlic?), and little black flecks that my brain tells me is jalapeno skin. Something was fire roasted, but the ingredients do not tell.

Upon opening the jar I smell tomatoes. They smell boiled. It is a very mild smell, not overpowering at all. I hope there is more to this stuff than simply tomatoes.

Taste Texture and Heat

Ol' Gringo Chile Company New Mexico Gold on a spoon

Diving right in! First thing I taste is tomato, they’re kind of tangy, but not overly so. Then the heat. The heat is upper medium to hot. It makes my face and head flush a bit, but it’s not too hot. I keep trying this salsa to find flavors other than tomato, but all I find readily is a touch of salt and perhaps garlic. I do think I can very faintly taste the flame roasted bits floating around in there, but it is extremely faint. I can not taste the jalapenos (other than the glow they’re giving my mouth!) or cilantro. I’m not a fan of cilantro, so that is fine by me.

The texture is amazing! I get seeds in every bite, which is a good thing in my book. The pieces of jalapeno and tomato are very fine, yet this salsa is pretty thick. It does not separate quickly, and seems quite happy to stay mixed.

I think this salsa fits right in with Skip’s and Clint’s Texas Salsa, similar heat and flavors.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Ol Gringo New Mexico Gold nutrition facts
Ol Gringo New Mexico Gold ingredients
A sparse array of ingredients!

Sorry, Sergeant Sparks, there’s cilantro hiding in this one!


All in all I’m enjoying this salsa! It is tomato heavy, but the heat and other flavors are more than willing to help compliment them (the tomatoes). Between the great texture and the nice flavors this salsa is a good one! There is a nice balance between all things, even though tomato takes center stage. It goes good on chips, and I can see using it as an ingredient while cooking as well. Looking at their site I see they have lots of salsa for me to try, I can’t wait!

Ol’ Gringo New Mexico Gold hot salsa

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link, Ol’ Gringo Chile Company.

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8 thoughts on “Ol’ Gringo Chile Company, New Mexico Gold”

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  3. Cass.,
    Sorry to hear about the cilantro in this salsa. I do, however, look forward to more of your reviews. Keep ’em comin’
    Sgt. Sparks

    1. Hi, Sergeant Sparks! Thanks for commenting, glad we got it straightened out! I’m going to hand off a jar of Skip’s salsa when you visit, I’m sure you will like that one.

      I will keep an eye out for other tasty cilantro-free salsas for ya too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, see you on the next review! cass

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