pace chunky medium

Pace Chunky Salsa, Medium

Hi! I’m back with another offering from Pace. I’m hoping it’s as good as the other one I tested, which you can check out here! An interesting fact is that Campbell’s Soup owns Pace. The restaurant style was much better than I was anticipating, so I am hopeful that this salsa will make my mouth happy as well. It would appear that there are many different sizes available on Amazon, but here is a link to the same size I tested here.

Pace Chunky Salsa, Medium

Bottle Design and Label

This size bottle is the same unique shape as the other jar I tested. I think for the 16oz size all their bottles are this weird hourglass shape. The design is comfortable in the hand and makes pouring quite easy. The mouth is too small for easy dipping, however. The lid is yellow and has their branding on top, along with a farm field and a sun. It looks high dollar. I wonder how much they spent on the lid design.

The front label is fairly simple. There is the branding and the sun along the top. Underneath and to the sides are some tomatoes, onions, and a pepper. They are all outlined in black, I suppose to add to the contrast and make them pop a bit. Sandwiched between all this is a green banner that says Chunky Salsa. The label is not square, but rather 3d in a rough arch.

The back label is squarish. It contains the nutrition facts, ingredients list, contact information. There is also a small blip about the salsa. I still bet designing labels for this oddly shaped jar was a nightmare. The machine that applies the label is probably a bit unique as well. Both labels are a touch crooked, and it’s messing with my ocd lol.

Smells and Visuals

pace chunky medium on a spoon

Peering thru the glass I spy the deep red of tomatoes. I see chunks of onion, as well as peppers. There are some seeds present, enough that they should add a bit of crunch. Also, I notice some air bubbles towards the middle that do not seem to be rising. It would probably be safe to say that this salsa is definitely on the chunky side! I can also see some small bits of tomato skin and some tiny white flakes. I’m guessing that those are probably garlic. Flipping the jar on its head I see what appears to be a bay leaf. I’m betting it’s a slice of jalapeno or onion though.

Popping the top brings a nice aroma to my nose. It has a faint smell of tomatoes, but there is something else lurking in there. I think I’m smelling jalapenos, perhaps. Something also has a cool smell, but I’m not entirely sure what that could be. All the smells are fairly faint, nothing smells overbearing.

Taste Texture and Heat

First taste is tomatoes. They are rather sweet, and it kind of reminds me of the 2 Sisters salsa I tried earlier. I can faintly taste garlic. The salt level is pretty low; they did not overdo the salt at all. I think I can taste the onions, but the tomato keeps jumping to the front every time I take a bite.

The texture is pretty good. I like the meaty bites of tomato and crunchy bits of onion and jalapeno. I think they almost overcooked the whole bunch, but quit just in time. I did not notice any seeds while testing. I did notice a grainy tomato texture, like they used some tomato paste. My thought is that it’s from the crushed tomato concentrate.

Heat! Or lack there of… This salsa is classified as a medium, but I would say it’s closer to a low medium. No sweat anywhere. My mouth does have some tingles and a bit of afterglow, but this salsa is not exactly spicy.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

pace chunky medium nutrition facts 1
pace chunky medium nutrition facts 2
pace chunky medium ingredients


This salsa is not a bad salsa, but it is a bit sweet for me. I wonder if the hotter variety still has that sweetness? I like most aspects of the texture, not so much the grainy side though. It is a thick chunky salsa though, so what should one really expect? Considering it’s a mass produced product from a major food manufacturer, that you can probably find on a shelf in any part of the country, it’s pretty good.

Pace Chunky Salsa, Medium

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

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