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Pace, Restaurant Style Original Recipe, Medium

Pace! I think everyone’s probably heard of Pace. I still remember those commercials on TV back in the day. Get a rope! I will be honest, I have never liked Pace. I have not had it in about 20 years or so, but I still remember the overly tomato taste of it, like tomato paste almost. Let’s see if my palate has changed to where I can now enjoy it! They take up almost a four foot section at my grocery store, so hopefully I can get thru them all. Here it is on Amazon, but you’re probably better off finding it at your local grocery store. That’s one good thing about Pace, they are a huge brand and likely have market penetration everywhere!

Pace, Restaurant Style Original Recipe, Medium

Bottle Design and Label

As always, Pace has a unique bottle design. I suppose the hour glass shape is for when you dump some out you don’t loose your grip on the bottle. The mouth is not very wide either, due to the shape of the glass. It will be small chips only out of this can! It is comfortable to hold though, and does have a shape that’s instantly recognizable.

The lid is yellow. It says medium around the lip. On the top it has the Pace logo complete with the rising or setting sun. Underneath you can see some farm fields, complete with rows of plants. It is a nice design, even if it covers a mouth that is much too small in my opinion.

The front label is shaped in an arch around the branding and gives it the appearance of a wooden sign. The branding is at the top and the salsa type is underneath. The words are bold and look like they were burned into the wood background. There is a tomato, garlic, and onion in the bottom right corner. A splash of red is across the bottom, like someone started painting the sign from the bottom and quit. I think it’s a pretty nice front label.

Swivel to the back and the label is more of a rectangle. The red stripe has moved to the top and the wood grain fades out just under the band. Below you may find the nutrition facts, ingredients, and contact information. I did not know that the Campbell Soup Company owned Pace! I found an article about it on Forbes, sounds like it was a big mess. Here it is if you want to check it out… Anyways, I better be nice so maybe they’ll pay me for some advertising or something. 🙂 Also, this salsa is gluten free.

I wonder how hard it was to make labels that would ride on the hourglass shape of the bottle. I can see in several places where the label is trying to get free of the jar. I just noticed that the front label is askew too… And I noticed a detail on the jar near the top as well. It says established in 1947, and has the original owner’s signature up there.

Smells and Visuals

pace restaurant on a spoon
Notice how small the opening is!

Looking thru the glass I see a nice shade of red. I can see bits of green, some of which I think are cilantro and some are jalapeno. There are a few seeds here and there, I don’t suspect there are enough to add much to the texture though. I can see flakes of onion and flecks of garlic. It looks good thru the glass…

Cracking the seal I can smell garlic immediately. Moving in I still get garlic as the main smell, but tomatoes are a close second. It smells pretty good to me, wonder why I waited 20 years to have Pace again?

Taste Texture and Heat

On to the real test! I must say, this salsa is not as bad as I was fearing. The tomatoes are the star here, but I am getting some other flavors as well. The tang off the tomatoes is present, but not overbearing, thankfully. The salt level is about right, I think. I got a touch of cilantro on a couple bites, which isn’t overdone at all. I think there is a tone of jalapeno floating around in there too, but my mouth can’t quite figure it out. I can not find the garlic except as a slight aftertaste.

Texture. I like the texture they have going on here. There are some really crunchy bits, which I think are probably the jalapeno. The tomato has been pulverized a bit too much to add much meaty texture. There are some small chunks that do just that, but they are overshadowed by the crunchy stuff. All the pieces of everything are small, at least that I came across.

The heat is nothing to write home about, but then again it’s only a medium salsa. I think it falls in the lower to middle medium range, so I would say their classification is right. I have a touch of forehead and cheek sweat, along with a bit of scalp action too. I have a nice afterglow in and around my mouth, but nothing painful.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

pace restaurant nutrition facts
pace restaurant ingredients
Yes, I know it’s hard to read… Their oddly shaped bottle made it very difficult to capture!


I am surprised! I came into this review fully expecting to hate this salsa, but I was wrong. It does not have the flavor that my old brain associates with Pace. It tastes fresh and good. I like the texture of the crunchy stuff. I like the size of the bits and the consistency it seems to have. The tomatoes they used are slightly tangy, perhaps, but they seem to work well with the other ingredients.

I do not like their jar shape. I can barely get a spoon in there to get my eat on. You pretty much need to find a bowl to dump some of this in to have a go at it. To go from the bowl back to the jar you’d better have a funnel handy…

Pace, Restaurant Style Original Recipe, Medium

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