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Sadie’s of New Mexico, Roasted Garlic Salsa, Hot

Howdy! Here is another one from Sadie’s, I hope it’s as good as the Lobos salsa I reviewed. This one has a few more ingredients, however, but I won’t hold that against them! If it’s like their last jar it will be very good. I can not find this one on Amazon either, but I do have a link to their site. You can find it at the bottom of this article, or click here.

Bottle Design and Label

The bottle is the same size and shape as both the Lobos salsa, and Ol’ Gringo. Short and wide with a wide mouth. It is perfect for eating directly out of! It is still a stable platform that should be quite hard to accidentally knock over. The lid is actually purple, not blue. I took several pictures and tried for a while to adjust the colors to match reality, but to no avail. I feel better having looked at both their site and Amazon, and seeing all the stock pictures having blue lids! Possibly my phone, as it appears somewhat purple on the laptop… Across the top in yellow it says “Sadie’s of New Mexico” and some safety information.

The background of the label is like a sunset, there is a row of purple across the top, fading to yellow in the middle, and red at the bottom. Top center we see the brand name, with a chile as the apostrophe. Under this we see a small picture of, presumably, Sadie herself. She has red and green chiles to either side, somewhat like ristras, and a small text bubble coming from her mouth saying “Delicioso!”. Further down the label we can see roasted garlic and hot, sounds like I’m in for a treat!

Left of center we have the nutrition facts and ingredients list. Below those you can find a bunch more information, such as, contact information, gluten free, no preservatives, product of USA, please recycle, and the New Mexico traditions stamp.

On the right side of the label there is a picture of Sadie’s restaurant in Albuquerque and a small summary of the salsa. I really want to get up to Albuquerque and try both Sadie’s and El Pinto’s restaurants! Maybe I can be a food critic some day.

Smells and Visuals

sadies of new mexico, garlic, hot, on a spoon

Looking thru the glass I see a brownish red that is just a touch lighter than the jar of Kylito’s sitting right next door. The white bits and seeds draw my eye first. I’m going to go ahead and say that the white pieces are garlic, it’s only listed on the ingredients three times in various configurations! The size and consistency also appear to be much similar to the jar of Kylito’s. I see some small green things, which I think are pepper, and also some darker leafy green things. I think those might be the cilantro. There are very few black bits to spy, and even fewer little red tomato skins.

Cracking the seal (calm down, not that kind of seal!) I am greeted with a nice garlic aroma! Very faintly I can also smell tomatoes. I hope I like garlic as much as I think I do, because this salsa smells like it’s going to be chock full of it! Even sitting back a couple feet from the open jar I am getting the garlic aroma, faintly, but still!

Now that I’ve steeped in the aroma a minute, I can also smell some earthy tones, and a bit more of the tomato. Garlic is still the main tone here though, so let’s try it already!

Taste Texture and Heat

Oh wow! Yep, garlic is definitely an ingredient here! There is a slightly sour tangy taste also present which must be the tomatoes. I can taste the tomatoes, but they are absolutely taking a back seat to the garlic. My mouth is not finding any other flavors other than salt. I can’t decide if there is too much salt, or just the right amount. The garlic is messing with me, I think! The peppers are providing a nice bit of heat, but I can’t find their flavor. Fortunately, I don’t detect cilantro, even though it has two spots on the ingredients.

The texture is fine and seems consistent. Water is also an ingredient in this salsa, but much like Kylito’s it does not seem like a watery mix. The seeds are spread out enough that they have not stood out any. They are also rather soft, so they seem to blend in. The pieces of tomato and pepper are small, but still somewhat firm and have a bit of chew to them.

Heat. Hmm, I don’t know if I would classify this salsa as a hot one or not. I suppose it is a low hot or upper medium. It is making my eyes sweat a bit, and my forehead, but it isn’t scary at all. My mouth and lips are burning a bit though, kind of like sticking a tired 9 volt battery on your tongue. It does seem to linger a while too.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Sadies roasted garlic nutrition facts
Sadies roasted garlic ingredients
Garlic, garlic, garlic!


This one is a bit tangy for me. I think I would have to use it as an ingredient to tone the zip down a bit, even though the texture is small. The heat is pretty nice, even though it is a bit less than anticipated. The salt might be a bit much to use this as a dip as well, especially with a salty chip, further leading me to think its best use would be as an ingredient while cooking.

And then, the garlic… If you were to spray this in a vampire’s eyes I bet they would leave you alone! Between the heat and garlic, it would probably melt their beady little eyes right out. My guess is, your breath alone will probably chase both vampires and everyone else away! You will definitely be able to taste the garlic here. I often say that garlic is just a weak onion, but in this case it is anything but weak!

I can see this salsa cooked with eggs, quite nicely complimenting each other. I keep thinking it would make a wonderful pizza sauce as well, but you would have to strain out some of the water first, probably. That pizza would kick you in the teeth! I will have to give that a go some day…

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link, Sadie’s of New Mexico.

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