Skip’s Salsa, Medium

Hi all, this salsa is one of my favorites! I have been buying it for at least half a year, and have liked every jar. There are no affiliate links for me to use as of now. Still, feel free to skip (lol) on over to their site and grab a bottle!

Bottle design and label 

Ok, let’s get to it… First thing I noticed was the unassuming packaging. It’s not all flashy and fancy, but rather plain and simple. There’s nothing wrong with this, don’t get me wrong.

The top is gold with no markings. The jar is a normal shape, with a nice wide opening. Dipping straight from the jar is quite possible with a narrow chip.

The label is green. There is a white crest on the front with some drawn vegetables around and in a jar. The brand label is in this crest as well. There is a line of falling vegetables to either side, dividing the label into thirds.

To the left is the story of Skip’s Salsa, where you learn a bit about uncle Skip, whom this salsa is dedicated to

To the right is the ingredients and nutrition facts.

Smells and visuals

Upon cracking the jar open the smell that presents itself is tomatoes. I smell fresh tomatoes and a hint of… Heat? It’s probably the jalapenos, or garlic/onion. Whatever the mixture I’m smelling my brain likes it! 

The overall color is a reddish brown. Peering into the jar I can see a few seeds, tomato or jalapeno. I can see bits of jalapeno and perhaps onion. There are small flecks of black, pepper?

So, smells good, looks good…

Taste texture and heat 

The texture is kind of fine. It looks watery, but a nice bit always seems to stick to my chip. Grabbing a spoonful there is not much to chew. You could almost drink it…

Taste. Good. Next!

Ok, I’ll try to describe the flavors assaulting my mouth right now. Tomatoes take front and center. Then salt. I would like to think the other ingredients are making an appearance, but the heat catches up and chases them away. About that…

This salsa is a medium, but my mouth says hot! My forehead, under eyes, and lips are sweating! It’s not quite as hot as Clint’s, but it is classified as a medium, so that’s ok. Of course, I’ve nearly just eaten half the jar right now… It does fade fairly quick, which is nice. I like some heat, but don’t like it lingering around too long.

It is similar to Ol’ Gringo in both flavor and texture. Perhaps just a touch thinner. Very similar heat range as well. I like them both…

Nutrition facts and ingredients 

Nutrition facts

And so you don’t have to turn your head…


The list of ingredients is rather short, surprisingly. I count seven.


As I said, this is one of my favorites. I have been buying it for about six months now and don’t intended to stop any time soon. If you are interested in a spicy fresh salty tomato salsa then you should try this one!

Check out the baby brother to this salsa! It has a bit less zang, but it is just as good. Skip’s Salsa, Mild!

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link, Skip’s Salsa.

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6 thoughts on “Skip’s Salsa, Medium”

  1. Ey there Cass,

    Durn nice to have ya’ back, partner! I’ve really been missing these reviews.

    This salsa sounds pretty amazing for just the seven ingredients listed. It sounds like a great munch to have on the table when the boys come over to hang out, maybe even a good conversational piece to get the jabbering going!

    Thank ya’ for a brief, but stellar review on Skip’s Salsa!!!


    1. Hi, Randy! I plan on sticking around this time, so plan on having a bunch of these reviews to read!

      Yes, they have a pretty good mix here, I think. A nice simple set of ingredients put together quite well. If you have company coming and you decide to share ya better get a couple bottles… I packed away almost half a jar just doing this review!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, see you on the next review! cass

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