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Skip’s Salsa, Mild

Hi! This time around I’m going back to a favorite of mine. Well, sort of. The Skip’s Salsa Medium jar is one of my favorites, for sure. We’ll have to see how the mild variant stacks up. I have had some mild salsas that were not interesting at all, hopefully Skip’s manages to keep the flavors that I like from the medium and just tones down the heat. I do not have a jar of medium at hand, so this will be a bit subjective. No affiliate links to share this go round, but at the bottom there is a direct link to Skip’s!

Bottle Design and Label

The bottle is a normal shape with a wide mouth. I know from experience that the opening is sufficiently wide enough to allow easy consumption straight from the jar. The lid is nothing fancy, it is simply brushed gold. It is simple, but it still fits the theme of the label.

The label is new and fresh. There seems to be a bunch of new labels coming out on various salsas recently, must be coincidence. On this one I can see a dark blue background. In the top of a circle it says “a little taste of Texas”. The bottom of the circle is nine stars and a little silhouette of Texas. Inside the circle is the brand, and another circle that looks somewhat like the moon. I am curious to know what the golden circle is, there are some stippled dots in it but I can’t quite make out what they form. Along the bottom it states low sodium, no added sugar, and mild.

Off on the left side there is a simple statement, “Texas salsa – Made with our signature blend of spices” and some instructions to eat with chips, and, add to your favorite recipe. The color here is lighter blue with a big white silhouette of Texas. I also spot some tomato, onion, and pepper drawings.

Swing to the right end of the label and you will find the ingredients list, nutrition facts, contact info, and the go Texan stamp. I would also like to point out that the label is shiny. It appears to have a layer of plastic or something similar over the paper. It has a very up class look in my opinion. With the new design and the shiny label the look is clean. I think I like it better than the old one.

Smells and Visuals

skips salsa mild on a spoon

From the outside looking in, I see the nice dark red of tomatoes. I can see little black bits, but looking at the ingredients I don’t think they are charred pepper skins. I think it is black pepper that I can see. White flecks can be seen, I’m attributing those to garlic. There are some small bits of onion visible, as well as some seeds here and there. Small bits of jalapeno are also visible, but they are far spread. Add this salsa to the list of mostly visible ingredient salsas! Of course you can’t see the salt, citric acid, or calcium chloride.

Popping the top I am greeted with the smell of Tomatoes. I thought I could smell the garlic initially, but by the second sniff it had disappeared behind the tomatoes. They smell very mild, only a slight tang in the air. That’s really all I can smell. It kind of reminds me of pizza sauce or a marinara. It is a mild salsa, so I should try to keep that in mind here…

Taste Texture and Heat

Let’s get to the meat of it! The texture is all smaller bits, very consistent. There are some pieces of skin and seed here and there to add to the texture. The larger bits of tomato carry either no real texture or just a bit of meat. I had one crunch that was jalapeno, I believe, but the pieces are rather small so it’s hard to be sure.

The tomatoes are the main flavor here. They are not bitter or tangy, I find them quite nice. I think the salt level is about right, if just a touch low, perhaps. I can not find the garlic, pepper, onion, or jalapeno, they are all very subtle.

The heat is surprising! I saw mild and just knew it was going to be too bland for my palate. I really bought this for my youngest daughter, but I think it might be a little too exciting for her. I would probably put it in the lower medium to medium category. I am getting a bit of forehead and nose sweat, which I was not expecting at all! My mouth has a nice warm sensation even a few minutes after eating this.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

skips salsa mild nutrition facts
skips salsa mild ingredients


This is a good salsa! The main flavor is spicy tomato and the consistency is smaller pieces. I would be interested to taste a batch that contained no onion, garlic, or pepper to see how much they are adding to the mix. The salt level is just about perfect. I think if there was more it might be too much, even though I am debating with myself still. Actually, with a chip it might be too much already, now that I think about it. Well done, Skip’s!

For another good salsa with a bit more kick, check out Skip’s Salsa, Medium here!

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link. Skip’s Salsa.

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