The Bossy Gourmet green chile salsa

The Bossy Gourmet, Green Chile Salsa

Hi all! This brand is a new one to me, so I’m rather excited to try it! I am a big fan of green chiles, and I love them in salsa. I have no Amazon or other affiliate links to share at this time, but still feel free to head on over to their website and say hello! The Bossy Gourmet.

Bottle Design and Label

The jar is of normal proportions. There is a nice wide mouth, so I shouldn’t have any problems eating straight from the jar! The lid is straight black, with a white edge around the bottom. Safety button is present. It’s simple, but it also matches!

The label makes me think this company is “fun”. I think it’s a combination of the name and the little cartoon image beside it. Maybe some day I will sneak over to Las Cruces and surprise them, just to see if they live up to my diagnosis! I’d like to tour the factory anyways, so…

Under the brand there is a slogan, a Hatch chile star, the title, a picture of some green chiles, a gluten free circle, and the New Mexico tradition stamp. All of which is on a black background. The label is kind of jumbled and sounds like a hot mess, but it somehow works without hurting my eyes.

To the left of center is not much, just a large Scovie awards winner stamp. I must say, I would do the same thing if I won a Scovie award…

Off to the right is simply the nutrition facts, contact information, and the list of ingredients.

Smells and Visuals

Looking at the salsa it is greenish brown with red accents. It looks very chunky! I can see nice big pieces of green chile, chunks of tomato, some white bits (garlic?), onion pieces, green chile seeds, and the tell tale black flecks of burned green chile skin. I do love a good fire roasted chile!

Cracking the jar I smell tomatoes, garlic, and the faintest of whiffs of charcoal. I just noticed there is no heat rating on this jar, which is rather odd… Anyways, it smells pretty dang good, let’s dive in!

Taste Texture and Heat

The Bossy Gourmet on a spoon

Ok! First thing I can tell you is that it falls upper medium to hot on my mouth scale! I’m glad because I was sure it was going to be mild and bland! Truly strange that the heat index is not present anywhere on the bottle… It does have a good kick, I have a bit of scalp sweat going on, along with all the other associated leaks.

It is definitely chunky. It has all the right size pieces to allow the water to cling and not separate out too much though. It seems to stay mixed well.

The taste, I’m struggling with. I can taste the green chiles and garlic right up front. The tomato is nice when you get a bite. The heat is great. The problem I’m having is with the sour/bitter taste and the salt. I think the sour taste is the lemon juice. It’s a touch much for me, but I don’t do sour, so… The bitter is just an aftertaste that fades quickly, I think without the sour hitting me first I wouldn’t even notice it. I’m pretty sure the bitter flavor is from the green chiles, which do stand out in the mix.

This salsa is similar to the 505 Southwestern Honey Chipotle Green Chile mix. They both have tangy sour tones, although the 505 is much milder in this respect. The other flavors are quite different though.

It is strange that the salty flavor is bothering me, usually there is not enough salt in the salsas I try. I’m thinking it all comes back to the sour taste. It makes my mouth hypersensitive to all the other flavors running around in it.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

The Bossy Gourmet nutrition facts

Surprisingly more ingredients than I was expecting to find. Why is sugar being added? Sure it’s last, but why at all?

The Bossy Gourmet ingredients


I think this salsa is going to be a great ingredient, like, cooked with my eggs, but as a dip I don’t care for it. I’m disappointed, but there is just too much sour for my palate, and maybe too much salt. The heat level, most of the flavors, and texture are great, it’s just that damn lemon juice ruining the party. At least that’s who I’m going to blame! Way to go lemon juice…

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

Not an affiliate link, The Bossy Gourmet.

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4 thoughts on “The Bossy Gourmet, Green Chile Salsa”

  1. What are the other associated leaks? The label looks tempting but from your description of the salsa I think I would pass it up.

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting! Other leaks such as sweating around the eyes, nose, and lips, that type of stuff…
      I’m going to get a second opinion on this one and make sure it’s not just me…

      Thanks for reading and commenting, see you on the next review! cass

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