Two Hot Mamas, Mambo Combo, Hot

Howdy folks! This is yet another salsa sent by a reader for review, sort of… The original jar sat on the shelf a touch too long, and, after the fiasco with the 505 honey stuff, I decided to replace it with a fresh new one right off the bat. Problem is the original jar was medium, and I bought hot… Eh, close enough! The name is pretty fun, I hope the salsa is too!

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Two Hot Mamas, Mambo Combo, Hot

Bottle Design and Label

This jar is a 12oz size. Usually salsa comes in 16oz jars, so we’re missing four oz here… The shape is a regular, extra wide mouth, but since it’s a smaller jar the mouth is only as wide as the El Pinto jar sitting right next to it. The lid is black with gold lettering. It is simple instructions to refrigerate after opening and which way to turn the lid to open… On top is the safety button facts. Nothing out of the ordinary, but the black on gold combo looks nice.

The label is kind of cool, it looks somewhat like old paper. The brand is off to the left of center. To the right it says Austin based, award winning, and hot. I’m not sure what award(s) they have won, it does not say on the jar anywhere. Perhaps on their site they have a list of awards? Along the bottom I can see a tomato, tomatillo, and “Mambo Combo”!

To the left of the branding there is a couple little peppers, contact info, and a couple paragraphs about the brand and their salsa. To the right we find the nutrition facts, ingredients, and six little info circles. Apparently this salsa is NON GMO, Gluten free, dairy free, MSG free, Texan, and vegan friendly. Is there non vegan friendly salsa? I’m curious…

Smells and Visuals

This salsa is a green with a tint of brown. I can see some tiny seeds, perhaps from the tomatillos? There are some tiny red bits, tomato? I see a piece of onion and some tiny green bits here and there. It looks fine against the glass, but it looks a bit chunky further back in the jar. The label almost completely covers the jar, so it is hard to get a good look at the product within the sealed jar.

Cracking the can… I’m not sure what exactly I’m smelling! It reminds me of something minty almost, and maybe a touch bitter. Perhaps it’s the tomatillos, but I’m not entirely certain. I can faintly detect the peppers, they smell like they’re going to save the party! I think I am starting to smell tomatoes as well. It is an odd smell that I am not used to. Hopefully the flavor makes up for it.

Taste Texture and Heat

It is definitely tomatillo based! There is the tang of tomatillos right up front. Something is kind of crunchy in here, but I’m not sure what, exactly. It’s almost got a crunch like a fresh apple, but it’s not grainy. There are nice big chunks of tomato here and there, and they are cooked just right to still have some firm form and flavor. All the other pieces are much smaller. The seeds are nice when you happen across one, they are fairly small and hard to get a hold of though.

There is a tiny slap of mint, which I can blame the cilantro on. Some people like cilantro, I am not really one of those people. I can stand it when it is way in the back of a mix where I can’t really taste it.

The heat is not hot, at least in my book. I would put it closer to mid medium. I do get a bit of head sweat, but my mouth says “why?”. I think, perhaps, the tomatillos are tricking my mouth into thinking it is much more mild than it is. They are pretty tangy! It’s almost too much zip for me. I think the salt ratio is just about right though.

The texture is really quite different. Generally there are big pieces of tomato, that crunchy stuff, some tiny tiny almost grainy somethings, some squishy bits, and some watery base. It’s not an unpleasant texture, just wildly different from the other salsas I’ve been testing lately.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Two Hot Mamas Mambo Combo Ingredients
Goodness, what a list of ingredients!


I think if you like tomatillos you would probably like this salsa. They bring an undeniable zest to the mix. The heat is much lower than I was expecting, so unless I got the odd jar out, I wouldn’t be too worried about getting something too hot, if I was you. The texture is different, but kind of nice, I really like the crunchy things. The flavors other than tomatillo are salty, a touch tomatoey (especially when you get one of those big ripe chunks!), and a bit minty. I still find it a bit odd that the jar is 12oz and not 16oz, but it is what it is, eh?

They make two other salsas that I can see, so I will probably be adding reviews of those at some later date.

Two Hot Mamas, Mambo Combo, Hot

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment, cass.

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4 thoughts on “Two Hot Mamas, Mambo Combo, Hot”

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  2. I think the current eating fads include dairy, gluten & MSG free, as well as non GMO & Vegan. A label like that makes lots of folks feel it’s safe to eat.

    1. Hi! I think you’re on to something there… I still would like to see a non vegan salsa though!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, see you on the next review! cass

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